How It Works

Why Use “The MATT Cloud”?

Simply put this tool will help you win more moves and be more cost effective on a daily basis.

Everyday companies in the moving industry feel the pressure from 2 sides. The demand by clients to save money and the reality that the costs of performing a move is always increasing. The question is “How do we make money in the moving industry?”

The only way into the future is understanding your costs and then controlling them. The old saying “Time is Money!” has never been truer than in today’s market place.

The MATT Cloud helps you find rates from your partners around the world in just seconds, cutting down the time your staff needs to spend, generating the actual quote. Using The MATT Cloud can save you up to 90% on the time it takes to ask for rates from agents, but wait you will also have the answers! Email responses from agents can be as quick as 2 hours and as long as 3 days or even more.

We have all faced the problem that the client wants their price but we don’t have all the information we need from our partners around the world.

Some agents have asked us “Why is The MATT Cloud free?” Our company is in the business of making money just like everyone else. Our revenue model is to charge companies that use our software to provide rates on The MATT Cloud. There is no cost to send an email to an agent therefore there should be no cost to an agent to ask for a rate via MATT. The company using our software to provide rates to their customers, is saving on the amount of employee’s time taken in the quoting process.

The MATT Cloud is a Win-Win system by providing instant and free communication to customers 24-7 and then lowering the operating cost of quoting their customers on a daily basis.

This tool is open to all companies operating in the moving industry and we ask you to spread the word about this free service. We are working hard every day to improve MATT to earn your trust and referral to your friends and colleagues. No kind of advertising is more powerful than a positive endorsement from another person that walks in the same shoes as you every day!

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